Stand Up and Work Challenge: Day 5

It’s Day 5 of your 28-day transition to a standing desk.

And today’s assignment is…

Stand for 60 minutes.

You did it! This week you went from sitting around at work all day to spending an extra hour on your feet. You racked up 180 minutes of standing time–that’s 3 hours and 7.5 percent of your work week.

For fun, you can calculate how many calories you burned with this handy standing desk calorie burn calculator.

How’d it go?

Leave a comment below when you finish your allotted standing time for the day.

Are your feet hurting at all? Questions about posture or reducing fatigue? It’s an open forum.

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This challenge will help you make the transition to a standing desk, but only if you participate every day. If you’re ready to make the switch, drop your email address in the box below.

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  • Goran Blažič

    first, thanks for this excellent idea/challenge… 🙂
    second, thanks for sending the emails out earlier, that really makes it easier for me 😉

    60 minutes doesn’t sound that hard now, but then again, ask me in about 50 minutes 😀
    loved it so far, also, the short times have helped me figure out the heights I feel most comfortable with, which actually makes a bigger of a difference than I imagined…
    well, off to do some real work… standing up, of course 😉

    • Goran Blažič

      and in case anyone is interested, this is the setup I came up with for experimenting with the heights and stuff (the shelves/railing were already installed)

  • Almost done with the 60 and it is going very well. I have to find the right height for my keyboard and I think I’ll be good to go.

  • 60 mins wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, I’ll need something softer under my feet in the future. All good though..

  • Joshua Yeidel

    At about 35 minutes I started getting tired — I noticed the desire to rest my weight on my elbow on the standing desk (!) Then i realized that I hadn’t put down my anti-fatigue mat (kidnapped from my garage). After getting that under my feet, the remainder was easy.

  • After my pep talk in yesterday’s email, I didn’t have a chance to get my standing time in. 🙂 I had a very active day, though, nearly 10,000 steps on my FitBit, so not too much guilt there.

    60 minutes wasn’t too bad today. I got lost in my work a couple of times, so much of it flew by. I did step away from my desk a few times and walk a lap or two around the room.

    I spend a lot of the day doing remote pair programming, so when I’m not actively coding I tend to pace around a bit.

  • The existing desk I was trying to use for my standing set up was a bad fit (too many curves in the design, unable to stack things properly).

    Had to get the old and small desk from storage in order to set this up:

  • 60 plus a few with no problems.

  • The 60 minutes flew by, but I was engaged in several activities. I can see I’m going to need a pad to stand on, though.

  • 30 minutes in my feet are unhappy (but that’s probably ‘cos I wore seriously high pumps today!).

    OK I finished. Feet hurt a little (I ditched the shoes – good thing it’s early morning and few people in yet!)

  • I was a bit tired today, but the time went by without a problem. Did feel I needed to cross my legs and move around a bit. Could go longer easily, but it would be good to take a break.

  • I made the hour but I can’t say it was as easy as the other days… I think I need some cushier shoes!

  • 60 minutes done and feeling good! I thought it would become uncomfortable after a bit, but it didn’t. I was fine. I kept plugging away at my WIP and felt fine.

  • I have an electrically adjustable standing desk so it goes down to sitting when I need to. Also an anti-fatigue mat called Orthomat Office which is wonderfully bouncy.
    I have replaced knees and am finding standing for a long time hard on them.
    Why not stand for 30 mins, sit a bit stand for another 30? why work up to 4 hours solid standing or are the instructions not clear about this?
    I love the feeling of my body being open and upright as I stand
    I know how good this is going to be for me and have invested a lot of money in it, so there’s no question of giving up!

    • Christina M. Moceri

      This really makes the most sense, ergonomically. The goal shouldn’t be to stand for four hours straight, it should be to alternate sitting and standing throughout the day. So I say if you do 30 on and 30 off, twice, that counts. Or 15 on and 45 off, four times. When I bought my standing desk the specialist told me never to stand for more than 15 minutes per hour during the first few weeks of use.

  • 60 minutes was a little more challenging. My back feels better already!

  • Today was harder than I thought it would be, but I did it. I got better footwear, but I still think I need something more. I may have to look into the mats in a few of the above comments.

  • I was excited to stand for 60 minutes today. Some minutes felt like they were flying by, others seemed to dragged. Can’t wait for Monday!

  • That went great. I would sit for an hour then stand for an hour!

  • Day 5 in the books! Had no problem standing for the 60 minutes. My “real” desk riser (Flexspot M7B) came today! It is awesome. My motivation for the standing desk is that I have issues with my SI joint and if I sit too long, my leg hurts all the way down to my toes. Since migrating to the standing desk my symptoms are much better and I feel great!

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