Stand Up and Work Challenge: Day 8

It’s Day 8 of your 28-day transition to a standing desk.

This week you’re working up to standing for two hours a day. After today, you’re more than halfway there!

Today’s assignment

Stand for 96 minutes.

How’d it go?

Leave a comment below when you finish your allotted standing time for the day.

Anything goes here. (Well, within reason.)

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  • Balazs Molnar

    Ehh… up until today, I didn’t find it difficult to stand for a while. Now today I decided to come into work with a bike (16 km, 45 minutes), and right after that I tried to stand for 96 minutes… and it was hard. Really hard. I was tired, I wanted to sit, and I still wanted to stand for 96 minutes. Sadly after 87 minutes I had to sit down. These two together were too much for me. Maybe tomorrow… 🙂

    • Way to stick it out–sounds rough. 🙂 I’m running or jumping rope for 10-15 minutes per morning lately, and it definitely makes standing a little more challenging.

  • I really don’t think we should be standing for such a prolonged period at once. From everything I’ve read, standing for a long time isn’t healthy either (varicose veins anyone?) and it’s important to alternate between standing and sitting. My suggestion would be for instance stand for a maximum of 45 minutes and then sit for 15.

    • That sounds like a good plan to me. Standing all day isn’t good, neither is sitting all day. Moving, shifting positions is where it’s at. I walk away from my desk frequently during my standing time.

    • Absolutely agree… Too much of either one has it’s drawbacks for sure… I set up a high stool at my standing desk, and I find that splitting my time 50/50 has been doing the trick… The other key is to keep that balance in the off-work hours too.

      • So… I’ve forgotten the overall target. If it’s 4 hours then yes I think I’ll start splitting my sessions into a morning and afternoon time.

  • I had done my standing at the end of the work day yesterday, so I left my makeshift standing desk set up to use today. After working out this morning and not sleeping well last night, I had a difficult time in the first 45 minutes today. Then I read the post about shifting positions, and the rest of the time was good. I think I went a little over the suggested time today, just because I was comfortable.

  • Today was definitely a challenge, had to walk around a lot more than the past few days and I can feel it in my lower back more.

  • Today’s session went pretty well. My feet still get a little sore and my back still gets stiff, but so far it kinda reaches a certain threshold and then levels off.

    Last time I tried to switch, I remember that an hour felt like an eternity, so ramping up slow seems to be helping me quite a bit.

  • Today was a bit different. I stood as soon as I got into work, and paused the clock when i left my desk (only once). Got back and resumed. My legs were ai bit tight, and i was more fidgety. As far as sitting AND standing go. If this works out, i just figure i’ll swap the time when i’d get up and stretch with the time i sit.

  • I’m fortunate enough to have an Ikea-hacked GeekDesk at my new job so I’m trying to take advantage of it. I’m technically only on day 5 because I stumbled upon this challenge a few days after it started, but I’m able to stand the suggested amount for today, hence I’m jumping in here. 🙂 So far it’s gone as expected– difficult but not impossible. Combined with my new job and new public transit commute (vs previous job where I drove and walked from the car to the building), I’m definitely feeling it in my legs and back. But in a good “ah, so this is what a non-sedentary life feels like” kind of way. I look forward to being used to both the commute and the standing, and I’m sure my normally aching back will appreciate it as well.

    Thanks for this challenge, it came at the perfect time!

    P.S. I’m using Toggl ( to track my progress each day, it’s a really easy way to time yourself and see a grand total of time spent standing (10 hrs and 45 min so far).

    P.P.S. I added this challenge as a ‘habit’ on Lift as well: Helps with motivation and to spread the idea.

  • Because I had a meeting in the middle of the afternoon, the 96 minutes got split between 53 minutes before the meeting and 43 minutes after. I like the ability to stand and then sit then stand some more. My back is better today, but my feet are worse. I stood on the balance pad most of the time, so that may ahve something to do with it. My ankles are getting a workout.

  • Today was pretty easy but yesterday became a larger challenge, as I was on my feet for the last 3 hours of my day taking care of ancillary tasks away from my office. So, the lack of a standing pad and other helps took a toll on my feet. I think that it’s time to start digging into the world of shoe inserts.

    Are there stretches or other ways to ease the foot pain that anyone has found?

  • Ok today but had to take a break to talk with a visitor, for about ten minutes and then resumed.

    Find it important to move around to a variety of positions standing to keep from stiffening up.

  • Day 8 in the books for me! I missed yesterday due to level 2 snow emergency, but I am right back into it. I find that I want to be moving around more as the time increases. So I have been counting the minutes that I walk away from my desk because I remain standing. I’m curious to see how my body will adjust as we increase minutes.

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