Stand Up and Work Challenge: Day 17

It’s Day 17 of your four-week transition to a standing desk.

Today’s assignment

Stand for 204 minutes.

How’d it go?

Leave a comment below when you finish your allotted standing time for the day.

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This challenge will help you make the transition to a standing desk, but only if you participate every day. If you’re ready to make the switch, drop your email address in the box below.


  • WHEW. I find it more difficult to do this in the morning, but I’m pressing through right now. 60 minutes into my 204…

  • I ended up splitting my standing time today for the first time, two hours before lunch and an hour after. I had a 30 minute meeting during my standing time and walked about a mile around my basement. :)

    Not crazy about splitting the time up, although it’s probably best. When I finish up this challenge I’ll probably stand until lunch every day and sit for the afternoon.

    • I’ve been splitting time sometimes, but often switching the time I do it each day, because it takes me a while to set my standing rig up. So I’ll do the afternoon one day, and then the next morning since it’s still set up. I find it easier in the afternoon for me, so far.

  • I found it a little difficult, today, and I think it’s due to the time of day when I started. I spent some time standing in the morning, but due to meeting schedules, I didn’t do the big block of standing time until the afternoon. This was a useful lesson, in itself.

    Thanks again for hosting this challenge – it’s been very worthwhile, for me (even if it’s been broken up over several weeks due to travel, etc.).

  • Wow! I can’t believe I’m up to 3 hours already. This challenge has made it so easy to get there!

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