Stand Up and Work Challenge: Day 12

It’s Day 12 of your four-week transition to a standing desk.

This week you’re working up to standing for three hours a day.

Today’s assignment

Stand for 144 minutes.

How’d it go?

Leave a comment below when you finish your allotted standing time for the day.

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  • I’ve found that standing up helps me to stay focused and alert during “draggy” times of the day (late morning, mid-afternoon). I’m much more productive during those times if I’m standing instead of sitting (and drifting off into a coma!)

  • I think I’ve turned a corner here. I don’t really think much about the fact that I’m standing, and it’s not distracting when I’m working. Foot and back discomfort are still present, but minimal.

    Yesterday I actually came back from lunch and just started working standing up, even though I was already “done” for the day.

    I also discovered that a good way to ease foot discomfort is to put one foot up on the lowest rung of the bar stool that I keep under my desk. A low step stool would work as well.

  • After passing the 2 hour mark earlier i realize that I’m now actually am looking forward to standing up for a while every (work)day. However after about 1-1½ hour i get bored of it and want to sit down again, so now my plan is to get started with standing for a while right away in the morning and then cover the other half of the time after lunch. That way I should be able cover the whole time in a more comfortable manner while remaining motivated.

  • Not sure if this is considered “cheating” but I ended up walking through parts of the office ~1/2 mile today during my standing time. It certainly made the time pass more quickly! I plan to add to the backend ~25 minutes to the timer, to make up the time.

  • I finished my morning checklist before my time was up, so I threw a few other tasks that were on my things-to-do list for the day, which made the time fly by. I like what Cindy said back in 2013 about splitting the time between morning and the after lunch coma zone. I might do the same as the time increases.

  • All good. Stopped for lunch and to get the mail, and the remaining time breezed by.

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