Stand Up and Work Challenge: Day 4

It’s Day 4 of your 28-day transition to a standing desk.

And today’s assignment is…

Stand for 48 minutes.

Yeah, I know today’s a holiday (in the U.S., anyway), but you can still get your standing time in while you’re catching up on personal email at home or surfing the web. Staying consistent is key!

How’d it go?

Leave a comment below when you finish your allotted standing time for the day.

Ask a question. Complain about your makeshift standing desk. It’s an open forum.

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  • jumbledmumbles

    Today’s 45 minutes went by okay. I had to correct my posture a couple of times, moved around a bit. I managed to finish lunch, sent some emails, read a few articles. Yesterday I didn’t even check the timer but I checked the timer a couple of times today.

  • A lot better tonight, I was doing creative work rather then the rote tasks of of week. Standing helped quite a bit.

  • not a holiday here! 🙂
    48 minutes went by fine.

    looking into the Ikea-based set up for a more robust workspace (

  • Off today, in fact I’m not at work again till Monday… But on Wed. I stood all day (I’m committed to the whole standing desk thing)
    My wife picked up a nice foam pad, works great. I take a lot of stretching breaks and shift my weight side to side while working but all in all I’m really happy with standing while working 🙂
    Here’s some pics of my set up:

  • missed it by a bit yesterday.

  • 48 minutes went by and I was engrossed in my work. I did check the timer once because I thought, surely it must have gone off by now. Had 6 minutes left. Not too bad. My back is OK and my feet hurt a little bit. I think I move around less today.

  • 48 minutes seem to have been easier than 36. Go figure!

  • I think I did a lot more than 48 minutes. I did a lot of writing and that is easier for me to do standing than working with paper items is.

  • The 48 minutes went by quickly, as I was digging out from the backlog from the four day weekend. So far so good on the challenge.

  • Day 4 – 48, done

  • Again, 48 minutes went by too quickly and I wanted more. No problems, and looking forward to an extended time next.

  • Forty eight minutes wasn’t much different than the thirty six yesterday, feet a bit tired and back a little bit tired but no real problems at all!

  • in the office today, and not a lot of options for a DIY standing desk set up. Luckily I had two meetings were I was able to switch from sitting to standing – I probably ended up doing two 30 minute blocks of standing. The trestle table we were standing around was a bit too low for me to lean on comfortably in both a sit and stand position – so found myself wanting to lean and adjusting my stance/posture quite frequently!

  • Day 4 down! Had to take off my heels part way through, but the nice soft mat from Varidesk helps. Still need to figure out what I can do paper wise up there with limited space, but so far – I really like the option! 🙂

  • Completed! I am loving the option to stand!

  • Done with day 4. Just got back from a small vacation, so it was a little harder to get back into things. Plus, I still need better shoes so today I felt it more than the other days.

  • My egg timer malfunctioned again. I will used my phone alarm tomorrow. Otherwise it seemed to go smoothly, although I probably stood for a little more that the time specified.

  • 48 minutes, not a problem! I think to continue to improve standing time at work I am going to purchase a foam pad and probably re-evaluate my shoes.

  • I’ve started taking my shoes off while standing on the foam pad. Much more comfortable.

  • No problem completing the challenge today! I do want to look into an anti-fatigue mat – I saw one that had nubs for massaging your feet, a raised bar in the front to balance on, a raised area in the back to stretch your Achilles and calves, and an anti-fatigue area – $100 but looks very cool!

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